Our Mission is to expose Rockland County, NY to Classical Ballet in its truest form while bringing it into the 21st century and evolving with the times.  Making proper ballet training accessible to Rockland county youth no matter their situation, giving anyone who wishes the chance to study and reach their fullest potential. 

Dedicated to the love of dance and to sharing its amazing history with the next generation while looking towards the future of this incredible art form.

Founded by Marilyn Peterson as Marilyn Peterson's School of Dance in 1976. In 2010 Mrs. Peterson entrusted her school of 34 years to her former student Rebecca Balbach.

Our Method

"Based on the Russian method." Simply meaning we are carrying tradition into the 21st century, using methods and techniques founded in the Vaganova method.The Vaganova method is a technique and training system devised by the Russian dancer and pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova (1879–1951). It fuses elements of traditional French style from the romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique.A training system created in Soviet Russia for students of a very particular body type, upbringing and lifestyle. While this method has many wonderful aspects and offers a wonderful foundation, it must be tailored and evolve to relate and be effective in today's American student and their lifestyle.Thankfully, the ballet world is no longer strictly reserved for a cookie cutter ballerina body type. Like everything else in our world ballet continues to grow, change and evolve! This is what makes it so beautiful. Never losing its history, roots, culture, traditions and foundations we must evolve so that we can produce not only strong students, but healthy, lasting, employable dancers.