Here are a few rules to help everyone enjoy their experience to the fullest.


-Student must arrive in adequate time to be ready by the start of each class.

Tardy students will be asked to sit out and take notes

    -Students should dress according to their class dress code and have their hair in a bun or,  if student has short hair, pulled neatly away from their face. Those not in the appropriate dress code will be asked to observe class and take notes.

   -Respect should be shown for the teacher by listening at all times,  no talking during class and keeping your hands to yourself.

-   No cell phones in class. 

 -Food and chewing gum are strictly prohibited in the class room.   Water is acceptable if necessary.

     -To those sitting in the waiting area, please keep your voices down and keep an eye on your children with you.

     -In the event a student is injured or unable to dance for any reason, attendance is still requested and they are asked to observe their class with a note pad. For training purposes, each student should keep a note pad in their dance bag.




Click on images below to see the required dress code

Girls Flamenco

-Long sleeve black leotard -Red skirt -Black character shoes or Flamenco shoes.