Performance Opportunities

Each year we offer multiple opportunities for our students to perform.
Whether it be our free in-studio showcase, on-stage annual gala, or both, each student is given the chance to demonstrate what they have learned over the year.

At the end of each season, we open our studio doors to any friends or family of each student who wishes to attend. Offering our viewers the chance to watch a class and see how both student and teacher work together to better improve the technique of each dancer. A showcase is held for each individual class.

Every spring, students level Kinder-dance through Advanced are given the wonderful opportunity to perform on stage, in one of our original Children's ballets. This is always a wonderful celebration of classical ballet as well as collaboration with other local artists. Not only giving the audience an entertaining evening, but also giving the students a glimpse as to what it would be like to perform for a Ballet company.
While participating in the gala is not required, it is strongly encouraged as it is a wonderful learning experience for each dancer and lends a great deal to their training.
Teaching them so much about being a part of the ballet world including:  How to learn and memorize new choreography. How to relate to their character on stage. Learning a relationship between director/ ballet mistress/ ballet master and dancer. How to work with others as a team. Understanding musical cues of all kinds. Learning the respect for theatre and how it is run. Discovering confidence within ones self to perform in front of a large audience.
After all, there is no substitute for experience.
Often throughout the year our school is invited to perform alongside various local music and dance companies, including The Hudson Lyric Opera, The Rockland Rock Band Camp, Clarkstown International Performance Evening as well as many town and county events.
Students are selected according to their rehearsal availability along with our choreographic needs.
These performances are just another wonderful way to expose our students to the stage and teach them to work humbly and professionally with other artists.